True Mission

This article (Teaching NFP is a True Mission) is a gem of a find and is exactly what I needed to hear this morning.

Pope John Paul II addressed participants of an NFP Teacher Education Program in December 1994 affirming our mission.  He states that our work is a service to the family and a labor of life and love.

I needed to hear this today.

Recently I began teaching again after a short  'maternity leave', and ever since then, the Devil has been relentless on spiritual and emotional attacks.  I've been pretty tired lately and the Devil is great at kicking me while I'm down.  It's hard to fight back when I'm physically exhausted, and he knows that.  It's been rough especially when I'm teaching...

BUT.... that's okay because... JPII acknowledges this and says:

"You are well aware that the affirmation of these personalist values demand the courage to swim 'against the tide'." 

NFP goes against all that society says is normal and easy and forces people to step out of their comfort zone.  And believe me, it's really hard to teach something that is generally unaccepted because of the misconception that it's 'Grandma's rhythm method,' or because its ineffective, too difficult, or a just some other Catholic thing.

I get that all the time.

But as JPII says, this work demands courage especially in the midst of societal uncertainty.

Thank you, God, for allowing me to stumble upon this article this morning.  JPII's inspired words lifted my spirits and reminded me that this ministry is good, true and holistic and a true mission... and even though it will be difficult at times, I must "persevere in this task with renewed commitment (JPII)."

So, here it is, folks.

My task, my mission is simply this:

I may not change your thinking on this matter, but I am sure going to challenge it, and pray for the courage to do so.

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