Mucus Teaching Mom (MTM)

Every girl remembers the day she is welcomed into womanhood when her first period arrives.   For some it's filled with anticipation and excitement, but for me it was filled with tears (probably due to the raging hormones) and traumatic because it came out of nowhere, it was the first day of 8th grade in a new school, and my Mom was thousands of miles away visiting Grandma...

"Welcome to womanhood," my Mom said.

"Thanks," I said, sobbing.

"Everything will be okay," she said as she tried to comfort me, "the stuff is in my bathroom."

 Stuff?  That's an entire post of its own... and one I will probably never share, but I digress...

After the shock wore off and the hormones calmed down a bit, I loved that I was finally a woman. 


Last year, I received a call from a friend asking if I would be interested in presenting the Creighton Introductory PowerPoint to a group of senior girls that she had had the pleasure of mentoring through a Bible Study.


I jumped at the opportunity because interestingly (but not surprisingly), the desire to teach young girls about their fertility had recently surfaced in my heart; I couldn't wait to meet with these young women and teach them about their fertility.

I prayed the information would be armor for them as they ventured into the college world.

The young women were fascinated as I gently made my way through the Introductory slides; had God really created them that way?  Could they really predict their fertility based on mucus? It felt great to tell them, YES!

But why were these young women just now hearing this information?

I left wondering.... what if we taught young girls about their fertility BEFORE their first period?  What if when girls became seniors in high school, they had already been charting for a few years?  How early is too early to learn this stuff?  Is this information too risky to give to young girls?

I don't think it's ever too early to share this beautiful truth.  Do you agree?

Is it weird that I want to be the Mom who talks to her daughter about mucus as though it were conversation about the weather?  Is it wrong for me to want Zoey to feel comfortable with the changes happening in her body before she hits puberty so if I'm thousands of miles away when her first period arrives, she can say calmly and collectively on the phone:

"I knew this was going to happen, Mom; I saw it on my chart."??


It's a little scary though, right?  If my daughter learns her days of fertility and infertility at such a young age, she might use that information in the wrong way (whatever that means), and that I would feel guilty forever because of it...

...but God says, "DO NOT BE AFRAID."

I can't be afraid; I have to trust that if God allows me to plant seeds that He will cause them to grow.

I have to trust that if I plant seeds about the truth of her fertility, that God will allow those seeds to have deep roots and produce many fruits.

I have to trust that if I plant seeds about the truth of God's design for her, God will give her the strength to fight the Devil's lies that try to convince her that she isn't beautifully made.

That said, I have to put my fears aside and trust that God is calling me to be a mucus teaching Mom.

Who's with me? Any Moms out there who want to be a MTM, too?

We could start a group... or something?

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  1. I love this Jo! I completely agree, it is such a blessing to know how our bodies work: "the truth will set you free" (Jn8:32). Let's help our (future, in my case) children know the Truth and set them free :)