It's All About Creativity

A little Creighton humor for your Tuesday -- It's okay, go ahead and chuckle because you deserve it. :)

For this post you need to know two things:

#1 A woman is required to check for mucus at night if she gets up to use the restroom.

#2 White and green stamps with babies on them mean a woman is fertile.

Got it?  Great!  This post is dedicated to two very creative women for which I had the pleasure of working.

A shout out to you!

For this particular couple, the woman had the hardest time making her observations in the middle of the night; she simply didn't want to turn on the light.

We've allll been there, right?

For a couple trying to avoid a pregnancy (or breastfeeding mamas that are up at all hours of the night), these annoying middle of the night observations are critical for the success of the program in avoiding a pregnancy, so she needed a solution.

You'll never guess what she came up with...

She looked at me and said, "You need a Creighton headlamp specifically for nighttime observations."

Ha. Can you imagine this hardware in your bathroom cabinet? Or simply hanging on a wall for easy access?? 

I can. I would buy one.


This client was a hoot.  She wanted to come up with a creative way for her husband to know she was fertile without 'saying' it.  

So she came up with...

"You should make nightgowns that look like the fertility stamps.  That way, when I am fertile, I can just throw the nightgown on before my husband gets home, and then the rest is up to him."

How about it married ladies... She might be onto something here.....

Said green and white stamps of fertility

What about you, do you have any creative ideas I should add to this list?? 


  1. Two bedside lamps - red and green. Green means good to go; Red means lets wait a bit...

  2. I remember you telling me about the headlamps, but I love the nightgown suggestion!! Or perhaps t-shirts to wear to bed with yellow or green babies on them?