It's in the Science, Folks

For new users, the practitioner introduces the couple/woman to the System through a PowerPoint presentation; it was during this Introduction that I became convinced this science would really work to both achieve and avoid a pregnancy.

My husband and I decided during our engagement to postpone having children until we worked through some financial kinks.  That said, when I heard the Introductory PowerPoint, I was solely interested in hearing/seeing the proof that this System would be effective in avoiding a pregnancy.

This was the slide that convinced me.

Property of PPVI Institute; do not use without permission: Map of Cervix
Let me explain what you are looking at... in this slide you have a blown up picture of the cervix. The tree like structures (in red) are called cervical crypts and it is in these cervical crypts that mucus is produced.  On the left side you can see that the type of mucus that is produced has, what looks like, lanes in a highway.  These days are considered 'mucus' days in the system and are fertile.  On the right hand side you can see a different type of mucus that looks similar to a stone wall.  These days are considered 'dry' days with the system and are infertile.  The point being that only on days of mucus does pregnancy occur because the sperm have lanes to travel through, and pregnancy does not occur on dry days because the sperm cannot navigate through the stone wall. 

Fascinating right?

Isn't it amazing that a woman's body was designed this way?  With a little effort, I was convinced I would be able track where I was in terms of fertility and confidently use the System to avoid a pregnancy.  

You see, even though I had a strong desire to use a natural system in marriage because of my Catholic beliefs, it was not those beliefs that convinced me it would work; it was the science and the unarguable proof that my body had clear times of fertility and infertility and that I could interpret those times easily without any artificial help.

Speaking of science, check out the two types of mucus under a microscope... I still get excited thinking about how cool this is.  :)

Property of PPVI Institute; do not use without permission: Types of Mucus
Here's where I stand.  With a natural system, I think it's lack of confidence in one's self that scares couples away from using it in marriage; it's not the science or the research behind it because you can't argue that it will work to avoid a pregnancy; however, just like with any form of family planning, there's a level of responsibility that goes with it, right?

Well, the same goes for a natural system.  If you are responsible and committed to it, it will work....and it will work successfully to avoid or achieve a pregnancy.  It has worked for my husband and I and we've been charting for four years!  More on that later....

Check out the following links for more information.  This stuff is tasty, juicy, and I can't wait for you to sink your teeth into it!

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  1. Hi! Visiting for the first time from Catholic Cookie Jar (now Savor His Goodness). This is a great blog! I am so happy that you are writing.

    I am starting to chart (I am single, just trying to be ahead of the game) and this exact picture hooked me, as well. I was like, does my body REALLY do that?! And, it totally does.

    I am a nurse, so this NFP method is awesome. I geek out about it. I am also thinking about becoming a practitioner. I would love to encourage more and more women/couples to use NFP. :)

    Can't wait to read more!

    1. Hi Nej! I love science! We can be NFP geeks together; I totally get the geek vibe. We need more practitioners! Go. For. It. :)

      Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to be writing and feel so encouraged to keep doing it.

  2. 1) I totally remember doing my very first intro session with you and you telling me this exact same story - can you believe that was almost three years ago?! I tell people about this slide all. the. time. =)

    2) I am finally catching up on your blog today and it is totally rad!!!

    3) I LOVE that Jen commented here, we are blogging friends! I'm sure you'll find that blogging is a wonderful and beautiful thing!