Favorite Practitioner Moment

"How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers." -Mother Teresa

I couldn't agree more with Mother Teresa.  Children bring color to this world -- vibrant, vibrant, color.  Their innocence keeps us grounded, their intrigue keeps us searching, their love of life keeps us passionate; children are a gift to be received, loved, and cherished and it is a joy to hear from a client they are expecting.

Talk about a cool perk...

Anyway, there are many times when I am one of the first, if not the first, to hear the good news that a couple is pregnant, and that's where I begin with this post.  To date, this is my favorite, 'We're Pregnant!' moments crafted by a client couple of mine. 

I was asked to present to a group of parishioners at Our Lady of Loreto the Creighton Introductory slideshow.  There were quite a few couples in attendance, and as a bearer of this beautiful truth, I prayed every single one of them would choose to chart and set up an appointment with me following the session.

and most of them did. :)

Anyway, this particular couple contacted me a few weeks following the presentation and scheduled a meeting.  After said meeting, I knew a prayer for faith friends had been answered; we had A LOT in common and our friendship grew and grew over the next few meetings. It was a blessing to have been introduced to this couple, and eventually, after getting to know each other better through our frequent meetings, they shared they were ready to have a baby!  I was SO excited to hear this news because my husband and I were in the same boat.  We had decided to start trying, too.  It was great to have this in common, too.

Well, pregnancy didn't happen as easily for us, but for them, it did, and this is how I learned of that news... this is how it all went down.

I remember having suspicion that something was up when the they called to re-schedule their next meeting.  This couple NEVER did that.  Always on time, always.  But, I have a habit of jumping to conclusions when I know a couple is trying... everything they do becomes suspicious activity.  And I mean everything... 

They re-scheduled for the following week, showed up and didn't act differently; I was convinced nothing was going on and proceeded with the follow-up like nothing was going on.

You should know...The follow-up session is broken up into a few sections.  The first section assesses when and how the woman is observing (we're looking for 100% observations here people).  Then, following that series of questions, the chart is reviewed making any necessary corrections or clarifications.

She answered the first section questions like nothing was going on.

I really wanted something to be going on, folks.

Next came the section to discuss their chart; so, I asked to see it.  The husband rustled through their plastic folder, pulled their chart out, and gave it to me.  I opened it up, and there was....


I let out an hysterical "I KNEW IT!" and proceeded to scream my congratulations hysterically.  Reminiscing, I was probably way too over-the-top with emotion... but I digress.

This was what was going on... :)
Guess what?  They were going to have a baby.  A gift, a Godball, a tiny, colorful human.. we spent the next 45 minutes or so figuring out the due date (which is a really cool moment because folks who chart, usually know without a doubt when they conceived), talking about pregnancy symptoms (cuz that's always fun, right?), and how their life was going to change with a little one on the way.  It was a great conversation and to date my favorite practitioner moment.  I guess I'll have many more of these moments to look forward to, you know, the ones that make you smile about life...

Have a great Saturday evening!

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