His Will, His Time

God knows what you need even before you ask.

Let me explain.

I worked with this client couple who came to the Creighton Model because they were experiencing infertility and wanted to conceive naturally without any artificial help. 

During our second meeting they shared this with me:

After their initial appointment with one of our Creighton physicians, they were advised to start the charting process so this physician could better help them using the chart and NaproTECHNOLOGY.  The physician handed them a list of practitioners in the Metro area so they could get started right away.  Overwhelmed, they prayed and asked God to tell them which practitioner He wanted them to contact.  After this prayer, my name jumped off the page. They trusted that God wanted them to work with me and called to schedule an appointment.  They said they needed a teacher who had faith and was a Godly woman, and when they walked into our apartment and saw the really, really, really large crucifix hanging on the wall, they knew they were in the right place.

I thought to myself, wow, I am a woman of God and they are in the right place; I am going to do amazing things in their lives beyond teaching them how to chart.... I'm that good.

Wow, right?  Sheesh.  Stupid pride.

Anyway, that meeting continued and they shared their faith with me and how God was working in their lives despite their cross of infertility.  They were joyful in trusting the Lord would bless them with a child -- they could feel it deeply in their hearts.

I heard them... kind of.  Their testimony sounded so beautiful, but I couldn't relate at least not on the infertility side of things.  My husband and I weren't having any issues getting pregnant --- (NOTE: I had not yet accepted the fact that we were struggling to get pregnant at this juncture.  I was still in that uglydenialbitter place... you know, the one I mentioned earlier and it wasn't that I couldn't relate to their struggle -- I just didn't want to). 

We continued to meet and after a few months I felt very close to them both emotionally and spiritually.  So, it was easy for me to finally share with them that my husband and I were having a difficult time getting pregnant, too.

Upon hearing this and before I could ask for their prayers, she grabbed my hand, he bowed his head, and she began to pray.  She quoted scripture and spoke with Divine eloquence -- it was as if I could taste her words...

...like warm buttermilk pancakes dripping with butter -- it was that good.

She asked God to bless us with a child according to His will and His time, and my heart softened at the sound of her request. 

It was an incredible gift of grace.  It's not grace if it's earned.  I didn't earn this beautiful moment, He gave it to me because He knew I needed it.  What an intuitive God.. eh? :)

In the midst of their pain, they prayed for mine as if they weren't suffering at all.  I know that when they prayed for the practitioner God wanted them to work with, God chose them for me, not me for them. My name jumped off the page because I needed that prayer. 

God knew what I needed before I had to ask and gently slapped me in the face for being prideful believing I was the reason He sent them to me.

Talk about a humbling moment...  It's really never about me.  I have the hardest time accepting that.

I am grateful God wove this couple into my life.  Have you ever experienced a situation where everything is perfectly woven together -- people, places, events?  Think about it, and please share those moments with me.  We can never give God too much glory in the ways for which He works in our lives. 

Can I get an Amen? Holla!


Will you join me in praying for them?  Pray that God bless them with a child according to His will and His time. Let our prayers be like butter on pancakes for them, too, okay? :)


  1. My husband and I attended a wedding of a friend. Our friend was of the Mennonite/Amish tradition of faith and her husband was Catholic. At the reception, my husband helped a few of the more senior Mennonite ladies up and down the stairs. She came over to me and thanked me for the help of my husband. She then asked if we had children (which we did not) and told us how she and her husband had never been able to have children and hoped that we would soon experience a pregnancy. She then asked if she should pray for and literally laid hands on my womb area and prayed a beautiful prayer of our desire to become parents and how we would be happy to serve God's will no matter what. I got my usual cycle a few weeks later but missed the next cycle. We later found out that we were 10 weeks along and had actually just become pregnant before attending the wedding. We truly credit her prayers that the baby remained healthy even after a full menstrual cycle.