This is my first 7 Quick Takes post!  Excited to be trying something new in this blogging world. Happy Friday!
I got maybe three hours of sleep last night because of an infant who was throwing up and sneezing snot rockets all night.  I think it's allergies... can a four month old have allergies??  Anyway, so, this morning, I had a brownie for breakfast.

My Mom JUST dropped this off .... it will probably get me through the day.  I love Moms -- especially mine.  She's amazing, thoughtful, and a solid example of a mother.
Iced Soy Chai with EXTRA light ice
(so you get more drink...)

Weekend Project Alert!  I found it on Pinterest.  I used to think I was super crafty until Pinterest.  Now, I can't seem to think for myself in the way of creativity.  But, anyway, I'm going to make my own canvas prints (hopefully for $5 bucks each).  I would like the pictures to be bigger, probably 11x14, and for sure printed in black and white.  I want to buy a big, red 'W' and paint the canvas edges the same red.  We have some amazing family photos that really should be displayed.  I can't wait to modge podge with the Hubs and make our living room a bit more welcoming.
This idea is not mine...

NFP Awareness Week is almost over!  I can't wait to plan a little more next year and get some cool things going at my parish.  How has your week been?  Have you entertained the thought of NFP?  I hope you've taken some time to explore the topic!  :)
Last night was the first time I've been to Adoration since well before giving birth.  After meditating on the 5th Luminous mystery of the rosary ( Institution of the Eucharist) while nursing yesterday, I had this overwhelming tug in my heart to go to Adoration and spend some time in prayer.  After a particular trying night with the babe, I was feeling frazzled, disorganized, grumpy, lost, and completely empty.  I needed muh Jesus.  I went, and that hour with Him... mmmm.  My soul drank His love, peace, joy, silence, Word, to its content and I left with a sense of !  I had a thought of getting some Moms together for a once a month or whenever late night Adoration fix... would you be up for something like this?
Seven things I'm grateful for this week:

1. My amazing husband.  He is my rock.
2. A beautiful, growing spunky baby girl who has stolen my heart.
3. NFP. My ministry.
4. Oxygen.
5. The blessing that is to be a stay home mommy.
6. Adoration.
7. Blogging!

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