Next week I'll be finalizing my Creighton website -- and I'm so excited to have that done and to share it with you. :)  I'll keep you posted.

I've been asked to give a talk.  Will you say a few prayers for me as I prepare for it?
 Post partum is a fun time except that funky time when your pre-pregnancy pants are too small and your pregnancy pants are too big.  Ugh.  I've been looking for maxi skirts to help with this body transition and cannot find them ANYWHERE!!  Help.  I need to wear something other than sweatpants people.

 I went to Hobby Lobby with  my Mom yesterday and had the strangest experience.... Zoey was a little squirmy, so I decided to take her out of her car seat and there happened to be two very sweet elderly ladies standing very close to me.  The commotion caught their attention and they stopped to watch and proceeded to say how cute Zoey was (proud Mom moment).  But then, all of the sudden, one of them started walking over with her arms extended as if she wanted to hold her.  A little taken back by this bold gesture, I pulled Zoey back a little bit.  The woman, stunned, put her arms awkwardly back down to her side and then walked away --

Um... I did the right thing here, right? ;)

Did you read about how many young people attended World Youth Day in Rio??? THREE MILLION!!!  Have you been to an event like this?  It's truly an experience that will change your spiritual life.  I've been to two of them (Toronto and Sydney).   BOTH were incredible.

Pope Francis... that man.  I love him.  My favorite Pope Francis quote this week is:
"Ask Jesus what He wants of you and be brave."
Seven things I'm grateful for this week:

1. Apartment maintenance for a leaky sink.
2. A healthy baby girl who now weighs almost 12 pounds... almost.  Tiny butt.
3. My mom's homemade apple pie. Delish.
4. A financial blessing we received this week.
5. Showers.
6. Chai lattes.
7. Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Jo! I found a great maxi skirt at Old Navy a couple months ago...it's striped and in the maternity section. Love it because it doesn't seem like a maternity skirt at all. I wear it all.the.time.

    That's no lie.

  2. #4: Yes! Definitely the right thing :).

  3. Re #4--As a getting-on-towards-elderly lady myself, I'm going to speak for the other side of this question.

    First, what harm would it have done to let her hold the baby for a minute? They were "two very sweet elderly ladies" and your mother was with you. What would she have done, other than hold the baby and coo for a minute or so and then give her back to you?

    Sweet elderly ladies grew up in a time when society was much more open and welcoming to both children and strangers. Yes, she should at least have asked permission first. But that is a stricture of our modern day culture which looks with suspicion on all strangers, and an elderly person, particularly if they are in the very early stages of a mental decline, might not "get" that.

    Perhaps her children have moved away and she never sees her grandchildren. Perhaps she wanted children badly and for whatever reason never had any. Perhaps she simply has a grandmotherly heart that warms to all babies and small children. In any case, holding your baby for a few moments could have been a joyful highlight of her day. Instead, she met rejection and repulsion.

    This episode has left me feeling very sad--for her, for you, and for our whole culture which sets such rigid boundaries between people of good will, who are assumed to not be of good will until proven otherwise.